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Lord God, My Father, 

Make me a child again in Your Presence.  

Make me, Your son, like my Saviour.  

As a child, I can be content because I rely upon You.  I am not anxious and do not fret when life 

goes wrong because I know that nothing goes wrong with You.  

As a child, I will forgive and not hold a grudge.  For I know that love and friendship with those 

around me create the spice in the dish of life You serve to me.  

As a child, I will marvel at creation and I will dream big dreams.  I will run and not grow tired for 

I have an endless source of energy that springs from my reliance on You.

As a child, I will be innocent and free of doubt, cynicism, and skepticism.  And I will have the 

faith to believe that my Father can be asked big questions and provide big answers.

As a child, I will be imaginative and ready to learn.  I will know that work is part of my day but 

not my whole day and I will find ways to create joy in the midst of my toil.  

As a child, I will be obedient.  I want to dance when the music plays, even if only in my mind, 

and to rest when it is time to rest always under Your watchful eyes.

As a child, I will be a better husband, a better father, a better leader, and a better listener.  I will 

be better at all of these because I can stop, watch, and imitate You.

I readily acknowledge, Lord God, that while I rely upon You for my strength, I am responsible for 

my own actions.  May these actions, and this rule, always be pleasing to You.        

Lord God, My Father, 

Make me a child again in Your Presence.